LG V30 may not have the secondary display

After launching the LG V20 with a secondary display, LG seems to be planning on discontinuing the trend, probably due to market response.


According to popular tipster @evLeaks, LG would be skipping the secondary ticker display for the next generation V30. However, it does seem that the company has replaced it with something even more intriguing and advanced. Given the previous experiments carried out by LG, it is quite possible to see something even more different on the LG V30.

While given that the LG V20 is just a few months old, the LG V30 is still months away. However, given the credibility of @evLeaks, we do not doubt the information but are eagerly waiting for the early renders that he claims to already be in possession of.  What do you think LG would get on-board the LG V30?