Magicon to launch smartphone with biggest display in its segment

Smartphones now-a-days are available in every size, with small sized phones which can hardly be seen in the hand, to phones which fit properly in your hands, right up to phones which look quite ridiculous when you hold them against your ear. As if this range wasn’t enough, Magicon is all set to launch a smartphone with apparently the biggest display in the smartphone industry.


According to reports from Magicon, the company is about to launch a smart phone with a first-in-the-industry screen size which would be accompanied by some award winning apps. The new smartphone would feature a 1 GHz dual core processor with Android v4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich (ICS).

With the smartphone having nothing extraordinary to draw attention to it, the company is banking on the “unique” screen size to market this product. Though the company claims to have put much thought and consideration into this aspect so as not to compromise on any functionality, we still wonder if this phone is a special edition device for people with extra-large hands.

Puneet Jain adds:
The image we got was named as Q7, we believe the phone would be called Magicon Q7. Also, if you will see the camera in the image you will see 8 MP written below that which clearly suggests that it would be coming with an 8 MP Camera. Also, looking at the image one can easily confuse it with the Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue version. A look at the UI suggests they tried the look similar to TouchWiz UI, however it is very clearly that they could not succeed in that. (Just see the Search bar).