Meet iConvert: A device that lets you use your iPad as a portable scanner

An iPad is considered the big daddy of tablets out there, in every sense. Here is a device that helps you use it in an even more innovative manner. iConvert is an app that lets you scan your docs via your iPad.

iConvert is an innovative attempt at creating tablet-friendly products. Its front feeder adjusts from 2 – 8.5-inches, and provides 300 dpi images, which is comparable to any PC scanner out there. Moreover, it also has a customized app, which you can download from the iTunes app store.

While a scanner is no biggie, one that you can use directly from your iPad i.e. a tablet-only scanner is a good start to ensure tablets start becoming more utility-based and not just boys toys. Devices like iConvert are a tablet’s allies in the war between tablets and PCs for market share.
The iConvert is available at brookstone at a price of $150 (Rs. 7500) and ships free from February.