Mercedes and LG teaming for automatic braking system and keeping drivers awake

CES 2015, will, without the shadow of a doubt, see a slew of major brands as usual, but how about Mercedes making its debut at the event? Mercedes is coming up with driverless cars and guess who is it teaming up with for this? LG of all brands. LG, it turns out will supply parts for these cars.


LG will supply the mono and stereo camera systems which will keep the cars in their lanes, dim headlights for oncoming cars, brake anonymously and also spot pedestrians and cyclists.

How will the systems keep you awake? LG will supply biometric systems, which will monitor your eye movement, not only that, it will also sync with your phone and stereo system to help keep you alert.

Driverless are becoming the fad and  might become mainstream soon. We are waiting with hands on our hearts for CES 2015.