Microsoft Lumia 950XL Camera Samples

One of the features that sets apart the Lumia range of devices is their camera. Lumia 950XL is no exception. We have been trying it out from the last few days. It comes with a 20 MP Camera at the back with Triple LED Flash to balance out the brightness. It comes with Optical Image Stabilization to provide better quality pictures even with shaky hands.

Check out some of the images shot with the Microsoft Lumia 950XL below.

Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-01 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-02 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-03 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-04 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-05 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-06 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-09 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-10

Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-11 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-12 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-14 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-15 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-16 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-17 Microsoft-Lumia-950XL-Camera-Sample-18

Also check out the Video Sample below