Microsoft Lumia devices get 6 months of free Truecaller premium service

Truecaller recently partnered with Microsoft to integrate its service better on Windows Phone and both the companies have decided to take their partnership even further. Truecaller has announced that it will be offering its premium services for all Microsoft Lumia devices for 6 month free of cost.


The Truecaller Premium is a paid app on other platforms and it brings some useful features. The premium version of the app lets users contact other Truecaller users through contact requests. Truecaller premium users get the ability to contact 30 people at the start of the month through Truecaller’s name search feature. When you send a request to a contact, it sends an SMS to the user asking for permission to see the details. Users using the premium Truecalller service also have a “Premium Badge” on their profile.

Truecaller has become a very popular app in the recent times and it’s available on almost all platforms for free while the premium version costs a little. Microsoft Lumia devices will be able to use all the Truecaller features along with the premium features for free for 6 month. The recently launched Lumia 435 and 532 come with the premium service pre-installed.

The partnership is part of Truecaller’s promotional campaign for the premium services it offers. Kari Krishnamurthy of Truecaller said, “We are at a very exciting juncture and it gives us immense pleasure to launch this promotional offer for Microsoft Lumia devices in India wherein users get to experience our unique premium features at no cost.  Microsoft has been a preferred brand for users over the years and Truecaller always focuses on associating with the leaders in the industry to provide the best-in-class experience to their users.”