Microsoft Outlook for Android updated with new UI

While the Microsoft Outlook app which was launched for Android did not please the user visually, Microsoft has now worked on the app to not only give it a nice outlook but also give it required functionality.


Though the update does give it a Windows 8 metro-ish feel, it’s totally favourable over the previously dreaded UI. The new design makes the app easy to use and the emails easy to manage. There are new filters for unread and flagged messages, which can be useful to separate the specific emails from the rest.

Another important feature added to by the update to Outlook, is conversation threading (wonder why it wasn’t still there). Also the app can be used to push the spam mails into the junk. With this update, the Outlook app for Android is nearly on par with the Windows 8 counterparts.

To download the updated Outlook for Windows visit the Google Play Store.