Microsoft releases Xim cross platform photo-sharing app

With smartphones getting increasingly camera-conscious and users using it as a secondary camera device, Microsoft has launched its own cross-platform photo-sharing app.


Microsoft has announced the release of the Xim app, which can be used to share photos across various devices. The app, which is developed for the Android, iOS and the Windows Phone platform, allows users to share photos with even other users who haven’t installed the app. The app pulls in the photos from various sources including the device camera roll, Instagram, Facebook or OneDrive.

Using the Xim app, users can select up to 50 photos and create a Xim which then can be shared with people, including those who don’t have the app installed, using the mobile number or email address. The app has an interactive UI where users can swipe to the next or previous photo and pan and zoom. The app is currently available only in the US and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Windows Phone Store.