Microsoft Surface put through hell in torture tests, finally gives up [Video]

Whenever a new gadget goes on sale in the market, a number of torture videos pop up online and today we have got you a torture test video from the guys at CNet.


They decided to test the durability of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet and put the 10.6-inch tablet through hell and the results are here.

CNet put the Microsoft Surface in the freezer, into a hot oven, spilled wine on it, used it as a skateboard and last but not the least, dropped it from a height of 6 feet.
The Surface was put in a freezer along with the touch cover for about two and half hours and the tablet survived and was working fine. Next the tablet was put in a hot oven for an hour at 250 degrees and an egg was left to cook on it. The egg though over-cooked, the Surface still worked, but the screen bore some discolouration.
Next a glass of wine was poured over the Surface and that was it! The tablet started acting weirdly and the touch never responded which made the Surface fail in the liquid spill test. So if you own a Surface keep it away from liquids.
Ah and who can forget the Surface being used as a Skateboard and here CNet decided to test the durability of the tablet. While the Surface survived the Skateboard test and only had a little bend and the casing saw a small crack, the glass was without any damage.
Lastly, the now non-functional Surface was dropped from a height and landed flat on the display but there was no damage and when the tablet was dropped from a height of nearly 6 feet, the damage landed on the side and you can catch the result in the embedded video below.