Mobile Phone Directory coming soon.

The DoT (Department of Telecom) is planning to bring back the Mobile Directory which they have put on hold in the past. The Telecom regulator TRAI has earlier proposed the Mobile Directory in the year 2007, which is quite popular in European Countries and United States. These developed countries have Telephone and Mobile Numbers Directory on the Internet just like we have Land-line Numbers Directory from BSNL/MTNL on the web.
But its good to know that regulator will provide option to the subscribers who wish to opt out of the Mobile Directory.It will be a daunting task for the DoT to compile a directory of around 400 million subscribers, in which most of the subscribers are having pre-paid connections. Now in future we would be able to search the mobile numbers of our Near and Dear ones.

Note:- I warn everybody against adding your personal mobile number in the directory, if you do not want get any spam or stalker calls as you never know in whose hand this data is going and how safe it is there.