Mophie Space pack unveiled: adds extra battery and 16/32 GB Storage to iPhone 5S

Mophie has revealed its new case for the iPhone 5S which comprises not just a protection case for your iPhone but much more. The Mophie Space Pack is a case that stores extra juice for when your phone runs out of battery and most amazingly, can add 16/32 GB to your iPhone memory!

mophie-space-pack-iphone-5s Mophie Space Pack Details

The Mophie Space Pack, unveiled at CES 2014, is a good fit for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S models. It protects your iPhone against drops and also adds a battery pack of 1700 mAh which doubles the capacity of the handset. Along with that, it will add 16/32 GB to your iPhone, bringing something of an alternative to the lack of external MicroSD support in the iPhone. In order to access content saved on the Mophie Space Pack though, you will need to download its app from the app store, called Space. Another way to it is connecting your iPhone to the PC via a lightning charger, while it is lodged in the Space Pack. Not just that, the extra storage, which can be used for movies, videos, music, documents and files, is also compatible with AirPlay and AirDrop.

Crazy iPhone cases are actually one of the perks of owning an iPhone. There are more innovative iPhone cases out there than ones designed for any Android phone and Mophie is sort of a leader amongst them.

Mophie Space Pack Pricing and availability

The Mophie Space Pack is available for pre-order on their website and is priced at  $149.95 for the 16 GB version and $179.95 for 32 GB version. It will start shipping on March 14.