Motorola launches MotoACTV, your personal fitness assistant

MotoACTV  Motorola has announced the MotoACTV, a wrist-based wearable computer which is a full fitness focus system and is here to take on Apple’s iPod Nano. MotoACTV is rugged, sweat-proof device has a capacitive touchscreen which gives you control of your music. It comes paired with a wireless headset which gives you access to over 4000 songs and FM Radio. There’s a built-in heart beat rate monitor, integrated GPS for monitoring and Wi-Fi. A voice feed that keeps you updated over your workout’s progression.

Features of MotoACTV are:

  • Ongoing tracking of fitness performance stats, including pace, distance, calories burned, and map of route covered, with automatic wireless syncing of workout data to
  • 8GB or 16GB of storage for endless playlists
  • Sports a 1.6” full-colour touch-screen display that is sweat-proof, rain-resistant and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass that auto-adjusts for indoor or outdoor lighting
  • Option to sync with the latest Android-powered Smartphone to receive incoming calls and texts
  • FM radio capabilities for more song variety
  • Up to five hours of battery life for outdoor workouts, 10 hours indoors, and nearly two weeks on standby
  • Supports both Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity for your existing fitness sensors and your future ones
  • Size: 46mm x 46mm x 9.6 mm
  • Weight: 35 g

It’ll be available from November 6th in two versions: one with 8GB for $249, one with 16GB for $299.