MTNL Delhi launches Prepaid 3G service with Lower tariff

3g-jadoo-135x100 State Operator MTNL Delhi launches Prepaid 3G Mobile service and also slashed its Postapaid 3G tariff more than 50% less from the existing 3G Plans. MTNL Delhi’s 3G Prepaid plans starts from Rs.250 and the revised postpaid 3G Tariff Plans now also same as new prepaid tariff plans.

Announcing the launch of the pre-paid 3G service, RSP Sinha said CMD of MTNL,the Company is launching 3G Jadoo Prepaid Services so that customer should be able to avail the latest 3G/3.5G services at an affordable price.Since pre-paid is the preferred by customers, the 3G service will be available for only one time charge of Rs 300 with lifetime validity, In addition, a subscriber can also choose any of the data coupons to avail free data downloads coupled with free video calling to suit ones individual requirement, Sinha said.MTNL Delhi also extended 3G coverage to Trans Yamuna, Central Delhi, South Delhi and NCR of Gurgaon with 225 base stations. The company will soon cover Noida, Dwarka, Karolbagh, North-West and the remaining areas in and around the capital.
We have some exclusive details of MTNL Delhi’s Prepaid 3G Tariff plans. The company launches 3G Starter kit for Delhi circle same as Mumbai at Rs 99 with 60MB Free Data usage with validity of 15 Days. The Tariff Plans for Trump Preapid 3G are as follows.

MTNL Delhi 3G starter Trump Prepaid Sim Kit:
SIM Charges (One time) Rs.300/- (inclusive of tax)
Talk value-Rs 15/-
Validity Lifetime

3G Trump Preapid Tariff :
Local/STD/ISD voice calls and SMS-As per the Trump Jeevan Sathi plan
Local Video call :a. To own N/W-Rs. 1.80/min. b. To other N/W-Rs. 3.00/min.
STD Video calls-Rs.3.75/min.
ISD Video Calls-Rs.30/min.
Data rate-Rs 3/- per MB (pulse of 100kb)

To continue the connection, customer will have to make at least Rs 150/- usage in one month. Voice plan may be converted to any 2G TRUMP plan using conversion coupons.

Existing 2G Customer opting for 3G services will have to pay the following charge and will get the below mentioned tariff :
3G enablement charges (one time to be deducted from the balance) Rs.300/- (inclusive of tax)
As a customer opts for 3G service by giving enablement charges the above mentioned tariff will become applicable. Thus any customer existing will get 3G service as an add-on on his Trump Plan.

Prepaid 3G Data Coupons/Recharges :
Once a customer opts for 3G services he can opt for any of the following 3G Data coupons.
Prepaid 3G Tariff Plans for MTNL Delhi-:

3G Trial Pack
MRP (inclusive of Tax) Rs.99
Free Data Usage -:50 MB
Validity for free data and free video calls-15 days

3G 250
MRP (inclusive of Tax) Rs.250
Free Data Usage -:200 MB
Validity for free data and free video calls-30 days

3G 450
MRP (inclusive of Tax) Rs.450
Free Data Usage -:500 MB
Validity for free data and free video calls-30 days

3G 750
MRP (inclusive of Tax) Rs.750
Free Data Usage -:1 GB
Validity for free data and free video calls-30 days

3G 2500
MRP (inclusive of Tax) Rs.2500
Free Data Usage -:Unlimited ( with 10 GB/month fair usage cap)
Validity for free data and free video calls-30 days

HSDPA Service (Optional) : All 3G customer will have a option of taking HSDPA card and Data service on HSDPA .
The charges of HSDPA service will be provided through a special HSDPA recharge coupon as detailed below :
HSDPA recharge coupon-MRP Rs.149/-
Free data download (to be consumed in 30 days)
60 MB
Data charges beyond free limit
@ Rs 10/- per MB if no 3G data coupons used.

The above mentioned data tariff will be applicable only in MTNL Delhi network. After expiry of data card or consumption of free data, the data shall be charged @ Rs 3/- per MB or Rs 10/- per MB as applicable. Free data usage of coupons shall be additive however higher validity will be available.

All charges in the above mentioned tariff and data charges beyond expiry or consumption of free data will be deducted from the main account balance of the Trump customer. The above 3G data cards are downward compatible i.e. it will work with 2G connection but the customer will get the GPRS speed in 2G connection and no video call facility.
Customer willing to buy HSDPA card from MTNL, he will be charged Rs.5000/- (plus tax as applicable) towards cost of HSDPA card and he will get HSDPA card along with 1GB free download to be used in one month in the form of 750/- 3G data coupon..

Jodi offer:
New 3G customers (who will purchase the starter kit) will be provided 2G prepaid Trump Jeevansathi (Super saver pack) connection of MRP Rs.88/- Free as a complementary connection alongwith starter kit.. The 2G complementary connection given to the customer may be provided the facility of making Video calls at the video call rates as specified for 3G plans using compatible handset in 3G network area. The prescribed commercial formalities shall also be completed for the complementary connection.

The above schemes and package shall be available in Eastern Court, Jeevan Tara Building, Jorbagh, CGO, Laxminagar, BCP, Okhla and Nehru place Sanchar Haat.
The above mentioned 3G pre paid tariff plan and Jodi offer on 3G prepaid plans are launched on a promotional basis for 90 days.
Subscriber can avail same data tariff charges while using in BSNL/MTNL Mumbai network in all plan without any extra roaming charge for data, however free download will be available in MTNL Delhi network only. Roaming charges for voice calls /SMS etc shall be as per 2G Trump plan.