MTNL Mumbai revises broadband tariff

After initial reports of revision in broadband tariffs due to recent inflation in the telecom industry, MTNL has already announced their revised broadband tariff rates.


MTNL Mumbai has announced tariff revision for their data usage and unlimited plans with effect from April 1, 2014. As per the tariff revision the data usage plans like the Tri B200P will be charged at Rs. 248 monthly, whereas the DSL 249 Combo will be priced at Rs. 299. The DSL combo 500 will be charged at Rs. 551 per month.

Similarly, the unlimited plans have been revised with the DSL Unltd 450 being priced at Rs. 500 per month and the DSL Unltd 550 is now at Rs. 600 per month. The minimum speed for the unlimited plans would be 768 Kbps.