MTS MBlaze ‘Social Media Product’ pack allows unlimited free access to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

MTS India has launched a social network centric pack called the ‘Social Media Product’ pack which would allow MTS MBlaze users to have unlimited free access to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


MTS has launched this pack keeping in mind how much everyone nowadays has become too much involved into the social networking like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The ‘Social Media Product’ pack is priced at Rs. 647 and is available for all new and existing users of the MTS MBlaze. All the users opting for this pack would get Unlimited Access to 3 Social Media websites which are, & 
The only difference between new and old customers is that new users opting for this pack would get 6 GB of data usage and old users will enjoy 4 GB of data usage other than the free access. The pack carries a validity of 30 days and any extra data usage above the free limit would be charged at Re. 1/MB.


There are a few terms and conditions on this pack and they are as below:
  • All exclusive content of the 3 URLs –, & will give unlimited access for 30 days validity of the product.
  • Content outside the domain/servers of these 3 websites will be chargeable-e.g. links hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. will be charged as they fall out of the purview of 3 websites.
  • Bundled Usage of 6GB for new customers & 4 GB for existing customers will be utilized for browsing all the URLs other than content for Unlimited access 3 sites
  • Contents delivered over secured communication (https) can be chargeable if end servers are not hosted /owned by these 3 social sites mentioned above.
  • Product configured with best knowledge of MTS and any variation in future may not be a part of it