Nationwide MNP gets approved, now retain your mobile number in any city from May 3

As we had expected, Nationwide mobile number portability is going live from May 3. The Indian government has finally given the green light to the project, which should delight a lot of people. While Intra circle mobile number portability has been available in the country since 2013, nationwide MNP is now finally coming to fruition.


We reported to you previously that the this is the 6th Amendment for the project, which first came into being in 2009. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made some changes to the 6th amendment and the pan-India mobile number portability is all set to start from May 3.

TRAI has also taken measures special measures for post-paid users wanting to retain their number nationwide. If a post-paid user has some payment due and ports his number, the old operator will need to raise the bill within 30 days of the due date and the new operator will add this bill o the subscriber. In case, the payment is not made within 15 days, outgoing will be blocked and if it’s not paid in the further 15 days, the number will be disconnected.

Nationwide mobile number portability means you’ll be able to keep you favourite mobile number even while you are shifting cities, which should save people money and hassle. We surely welcome this news.