New Google Glass app reads your emotions; tells if you are happy or sad

The Google Glass is getting more and more exciting by the minute, even though the commercial release of the device still seems miles away. San Diego based company Emotient has come out with a new sentiment analysis prototype app, which lets you know how happy or sad you are by reading your facial cues.


Emotient is a company that has been committed to reading and understanding emotions, derived from facial expressions. With the Google Glass app, they are trying to use the device’s camera with an app. The app can then put the information about your happiness or sadness in your range of vision which might let you respond better in many situations.


But, there are truly concerns about privacy once the Google Glass. If someone could see this data, they could quite easily take advantage of your emotional vulnerabilities. But then, there are some ways it could be useful too, if it could, while getting checked at the airport read signs of disturbance, it could be used to weed out possible threats. If that sounds too intrusive, how about prepping yourself before, it could be useful, right. Many husbands could actually benefit by knowing their wife’s state of mind.

But this app could be most useful for patients of psychological illnesses, giving psychiatrists accurate data about their patients.

About privacy concerns, Emotient says it doesn’t collect the data from specific users, rather maintains a huge pool of aggregated data. Although if you are not into that kind of a thing this app still might leave you feeling violated.

What do you think about it? Would you be for or against it?