New Sony Ericsson leaks, codenamed the ST18i and the CK15i

We have bumped across two new leaks by Sony Ericsson. We don’t have confirmed names but only codenames of the two devices as the ST18i and the CK15i.
The CK15i looks like the the Xperia Mini with curved edges and is said to be the first Sony Ericsson’s phone announced this year and not a smart phone. The phone will feature A200 platform, 240×400 pixels touch screen and slide-out keyboard and is rumoured to be named as the Sony Ericsson Txt Pro.

The ST18i falls in the Xperia line-up and by the looks of it, we just might have a younger brother of the Arc. The front design of the smart phone seems similar to the Xperia mini with a single physical button and two touch sensitive keys on the sides.

No other feature or specification has been leaked but we’ll keep an eye on these two handsets.

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