Next-gen iPhone to come with a 4-inch display, production starts in June

So next in queue is the next-gen iPhone and we are sure that the rumours are just going to pour in. Now according to Wall Street Journal, the next iPhone will go into production in the month of June. This means that we just might see an iPhone refresh this year.


After a slight disappointment with the 4S, Apple fans are really craving for a brand new iPhone and well they just might.

WSJ also confirms that while the production of the new iPhone is almost underway, it will be coming with a larger display this time (FINALLY). Apple has already ordered the displays from suppliers that include Sharp, LG and Japan Display, which seems to be a 4-inch panel.

Now that is some good news, and we can safely say that it will have Apple’s patented retina display as it managed to pull off a 2048 x 1536 resolution retina display on the latest iPad. We are yet to hear some more juicy rumours and speculations about the new iPhone, so stay tuned.