Next Windows 10 for phones build to support more devices

The first Windows 10 preview build for phones arrived last month but the number of phones supported for the preview was very low. Well, Microsoft will be supporting more devices with the next Windows 10 for phones build.


Microsoft has just revealed a few details around the next Windows 10 for phones build in a blog post. The company had previously revealed the reason behind the low number of devices supported saying that the older Lumias don’t come with enough partition for the build. With the new Windows 10 build, the company has fixed the issue with partition stitching.

The next Windows 10 for phones build will support a large number of devices but we don’t know if we will be seeing some new features with the new build or the same feature list, as in the last build. You can checkout the list of phones in the source link below.

Microsoft has added that if they find a device specific bug, the device will be removed from the list for the time being. The company hasn’t revealed a date on which we can expect the next Windows 10 for phones build but it’s supposed to be coming soon.