Nimbuzz drops ICQ, AIM, MySpace and Hyves

Nimbuzz, the multiplatform Instant messenger app has some bad news to share. If you have been using any one of ICQ, AIM, MySpace or Hyves over Nimbuzz, then effective from today, Nimbuzz will not be supporting any of the above mentioned service.

Nimbuzz has attributed the reason for dropping the support to these platforms, because according to the company these were the least used platforms and thus didn’t gain much patronage from users. 

Nimbuzz now wants to concentrate more on making the user experience on other major services like Gtalk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo and MSN much better than before. Nimbuzz on its blog said,

Yes, it’s true. ICQ, AIM, Myspace and Hyves will no longer be accessible via Nimbuzz starting today. Why? These networks were the least used networks on Nimbuzz, which can be rightly attributed to the evolution of the chat ecosystem in the world.  This has been really tough decision for us but we had to take this call so that we can focus more of the Networks, which you guys really look forward to like Facebook Chat, Yahoo, MSN, and Gtalk.

So if you have been using any of ICQ, AIM, MySpace or Hyves services on Nimbuzz, time to move on.