No Apple iPads for China!

In a funny twist , even though for a long time Apple products were manufactured primarily in the People’s Republic of China, the country might itself stop receiving Apple’ iPads. Apple has lost a landmark ruling against a Chinese company for the name iPad.


The company called Proview Technology; Shenzhen has claimed that in the name iPad belongs to it in China, even though the Hong Kong branch sold the rights to Apple. Apple, in an ironic twist has lost the lawsuit, which may result in banishing the iPad, eve from Hong Kong. Now reportedly, Proview is asking the court “to stop selling and marketing for Apple’s iPad in China.” The dispute has moved to the Shenzhen district court. Add to that, Proview is claiming $38 million in damages.

It seems like Apple has finally started reaping what it sowed. And the payback is out of bounds. After years of waging cases upon other companies, Apple has lost some big ones. This lawsuit is like adding insult to injury after Apple lost the iCloud case to Motorola.