Nokia Carla is in the works, Nokia developer site leaks info

Last we heard of the Symbian Carla update was back in November where a presentation leaked Nokia’s plans for its upcoming Symbian updates.
carlabug  After Belle we might see Carla walk by. Till now only the name has been confirmed, we don’t have much info as to what kind of changes will the update bring except new surround sound support, changes regarding NFC and new widgets. While it’s good to know that Nokia is still planning Symbian’s future, and has not given up on it, it is sad that the updates and the UI are still lagging way behind.

Well, there is some progress and we can tell you that Nokia is already working on the next Symbian update which will be Carla. Nokia’s developer site has revealed the progress and bug reports related to Carla on the E6 and the 701.

So this means that Nokia is putting in efforts to bring Carla to all current Symbian^3 devices. SWEET! Let’s hope Nokia makes it in time for a change.