Nokia Lumia 4D Projection – Deadmau5’s live performance in London

If you were also among the many that missed the live stream of Deadmau5 performing live at London’s Milbank Tower for the Nokia Lumia celebration due to the overload on the servers and high demand, then a user on YouTube, Ivegtononick has uploaded a “ripped” version from the event.

Nokia has also apologised for the server loads and is planning to upload and make available an HD version of the video for all of us to watch on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia said the following on its Facebook UK page:

“We’re sorry that some of you didn’t get to see the show tonight. We had some technical difficulties due to high demand, and are working through the night to get you the full show in HD tomorrow. Watch this space.”

“Deadmau5 live stream will be shown again tomorrow – we’ll share the video with you all on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter profiles. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the link”

Till then you can catch the below and enjoy the great 4D work that Nokia has done: