Nokia Lumia 800 survives at speed of Mach 5, in a mini wind tunnel

We all have been a fan of the Nokia Lumia 800, be it the design or the look and feel or the performance of the device. In the past the Lumia has undergone many drop test, scratch tests and what not, but how about a speed test at hyper-sonic speed of Mach 5, which is the same speed as that of the jet planes.

Well NokNok didn’t have a jet plane to drop the device from that height so get the speed but they did have a mini wind tunnel to put the 800 under the speed test. Oh Yes! The wind tunnel managed to reach a speed of 3,603 miles per hour which is just under Mach 5 speed. 

Now the Nokia Lumia 800 did survive to the brutal test and was still operational but then it did have some bruishes which are just so obvious, but hey, just in case you are planning to paraglide and by any hard luck drop your Lumia 800, then do not worry as the device will survive the brutal speed and drop and may still be operational when you land near it. 

Anyways catch the speed test video below and see how the 800 survived.