Nokia Lumia enhances corporate portfolio with 400 Indian companies

It seems that Nokia, which has been in the reckoning ever since it merged with Windows, is ready to take the mantle of corporate communication from the like of BlackBerry. Nokia Lumia is aiming to gain corporate mileage with great hardware and almost malware free software. It seems it is doing okay in India so say the least – it has lapped up big names such as Mahindra, Deloitte, KPIT and Qualcomm here.


Raghuvesh Sarup, Director-Sales, Nokia India, said “Enterprise is a big segment for smartphones and we are seeing strong traction in it globally and in India. With shrinking IT budgets, CIOs are increasingly looking for simple standardized direct access solutions that connect with existing enterprise solutions without any additional investments and complexity in middleware. Windows Phone platform offers strong benefits and Nokia Lumia is at the forefront of bringing it to organizations. The Lumia portfolio allows them the flexibility of mobilizing a greater part of their workforce. Currently, we are adding more than 20 new customers every month in India and these organizations are part of the BT Top 1000 corporates.”

Since Windows bought out Nokia, it has offered a lower Total Cost of Ownership, which combined with offerings such as email and Microsoft Office suite lures corporate consumers in. It also helps that the Windows ecosystem is a relatively filtered ecosystem compared to Android and iOS and hence works  great for corporate security.

But the business class hasn’t been too extravagant, it seems – the most selling phones are the Nokia Lumia 720 and the Nokia Lumia 520, both of which serve the purpose of a smartphone without the extreme price of the higher-end models.