Nokia plans to return to the smartphone industry in 2016

While a lot of phone enthusiasts were disappointed when Nokia left the handset business after being acquired by Microsoft, the company now plans to make a comeback next year, that too with a bang.


According to reports, Nokia is planning to re-enter the consumer phone market in the year 2016, once the contract with Microsoft ends in Q3 of 2016. The company has apparently been at work and has a host of devices lined up to be launched once the contract expires. However, due to low scale infrastructure, the company may not go into mass production of the new handsets.

Nokia is apparently planning to unleash the Nokia Technologies division, which is one of the three divisions left behind after the acquisition, on the smartphone market. The company plans on utilizing the over 10000 patents that it licenses to develop products that would compete in the market. It is indeed good to see the company planning to return, we will keep you posted on further details.