Nokia to release Symbian Belle update early 2012 for Symbian^3 devices

Yes you read it right. We all have been waiting for that one update called ‘Symbian Belle’ from Nokia for S^3 and Symbian Anna running devices, but Nokia seems to be in no mood to release the update before 2012.

In a reply to a query of a Nokia user, Nokia UK has replied that Symbian Belle will be out in early 2012. It was in October when we heard from various sources that Nokia will roll out the update for all S^3 devices on the October 23rd, but of no good.

belle-update-tweet-2012  And now this tweet pushes the date to somewhere in January 2012. I personally feel that Nokia is now worried more about its newly launched Windows Phone devices and has shifted all its attention and resources on WP. But if this continues, it’ll surely lose all its valuable users as they might shift their focus on to Android or even iOS if not Windows Phone.

Hurry up Nokia.