Now, charge your iPad. And 16 others!

Welcome to the age of minimalism. The time has come, when companies are trying to provide you the maximum juice in a single device. Datamotion’s PowerPad is one such device. It packs in not one, not two but 16 USB chargers in a single dock.


Primarily designed for Apple’s devices, the PowerPad seems like an ideal replacement for all those multi-switches that most of us have lying around. The best part is that it can provide as much charge as 4 multi-switches, without taking as much space.

“The PowerPad 16 can be placed in a cabinet, cart or carrying case. It can also be mounted on a table, wall or under a counter. It is perfect for tech centers, trade shows, traveling labs and training centers,” says Joe Mazza, Vice President, Datamotion.

While we wouldn’t call the PowerPad ideal for home usage, it sure will be a boon for office spaces and others with large gathering. Imagine having one at your neighboring McDonald’s!

One glitch we found though was that it currently supports only an Apple USB cord, but Datamotion has promised it will be coming out with a version for most USBs soon.