Now check authenticity of your medicine with PharmaSecure’s Android app

The problem of drug counterfeiting is increasing in India and to fight it and check if the medicine which you just bought is authentic or not PharmaSecure a US based company who is pioneered in drug authentication solutions has just launched an Android app.


To verify his/her medicine a consumer can make use of this application through their Android mobile phone and scan the 9 digit alphanumeric code printed on the medicine pack and check the authenticity of the medicinal drug which they just bought.

This Android app will surely come handy for users to keep a check on their medicines and also be aware if the medicine is a counterfeit or not.
But if you do not own an Android smartphone, you can still check your medicines for counterfeiting by sending the 9 digit alphanumeric code on the back of the medicine pack as an SMS to the number 9901099010 and you’ll then receive a message within 10 seconds confirming the authentication of your medicine.
You can download the Android app from the Google Play Store by clicking the widget below.