NVIDIA Kepler GPU with high performance architecture demoed

While a few days back we had seen the XOLO Play T1000 which is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, the company is quickly experimenting on its Project Logan.


According to NVIDIA, the Kepler GPU which is akin to the Tegra 5, is the world’s most advanced, energy efficient, and high performance GPU architecture in the world. The advanced GPU in Project Logan delivers the most advanced mobile graphics, with full support of OpenGL 4.4, OpenGL ES 3.0, and DX11 and claims to be the first modern GPGPU with true compute capabilities and support of both CUDA 5 and Opens. Besides the performance per watt is said to be three times better than that of the iPad 4.

The advanced API’s used in Project Logan will help developers to use more efficient, visually compelling rendering approaches, such as Tessellation, which creates geometry dynamically and efficiently on the GPU from high-level descriptions, sizing triangles optimally based on the user’s viewpoint or Compute-based deferred rendering, which calculates the effect of all lights in the scene in a single deferred rendering pass, or Advanced anti-aliasing and post-processing algorithms, which deliver better image quality, particularly in areas of very sharp colour contrast, by making multi-sampling more programmable and allowing applications to implement their own anti-aliasing filters. Similarly Physics and simulations, which simulate the physical behaviour of rendered objects, such as calculating rigid-body dynamics or animating particles of smoke can be used.