OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank launched in India for Rs. 1399

While OnePlus display marked significance in the hardware for its flagship smartphone, the company has now launched its Power Bank in India.


OnePlus had announced the launch of the OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank in India. The power bank, which was unveiled a few weeks back, was expected to reach Indian shores late in April but was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The power bank is powered by lithium-polymer batteries and has a capacity of 10000 mAh.

The OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank flaunts dual USB ports with 5V/2A output which can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. The battery indicator LEDs can be awoken with a gentle shake. It also has safety features to prevent overcharging and overheating. The power bank is priced at Rs. 1399 and is available exclusively through