OnePlus Power Bank Review – Beauty at its best

While OnePlus is acclaimed for the well-designed OnePlus One smartphone, the company had also launched its own 10000 mAh OnePlus Power Bank, some time back, for the benefit of the users who constantly face battery drain on their smartphones. While the company’s smartphone was a big hit, we find out how good is the power bank. Read our OnePlus Power Bank review below,



The 10000 mAh OnePlus Power Bank follows the design language almost similar to the OnePlus One smartphone. Simply put, the power bank looks and feels too beautiful in the hand and is notches higher than any other Power Bank currently available in the market.


While most of the Power Banks in market look almost similar, the OnePlus Power Bank is designed like a sleek smartphone with a polycarbonate body and a matte textured finish, which gives it a premium look and feel. Interestingly, the power bank has no metal in its body whatsoever except for the silvery rims running across the unit.


Thanks to the design, the OnePlus Power Bank has a very sleek frame measuring hardly 16 mm. However, it is slightly longer in height compared to the other power banks. The device weighs in at around 220 grams making it way lighter than the popular Xiaomi MI Power Bank.


The OnePlus Power Bank is equipped with two full USB ports and one microUSB port. There are four LED lights on the side which indicate the battery levels. However, there is not a single button present on the device and the device is programmed to start and stop automatically.




The OnePlus Power Bank takes more than six hours to reach 100 percent charge from zero. However, for faster charging, a 2V charger could be employed. Given the presence of two USB ports, the device can be used to simultaneously charge two devices.

The OnePlus Power Bank has a 10W input and two 10W outputs. However, only when a single port is used for charging, would you get 10W output, else the output is shared by both the ports thus effectively give just 5W output.

The OnePlus Power Bank seemingly charged most of the devices fairly quickly. However, the charging time was slightly more than some other power banks. While the company claimed that it could charge any 3000 mAh battery three times, effectively the power bank lasted just for slightly more than two rounds.

The OnePlus Power Bank doesn’t support pass-through charging, which means you cannot charge both OnePlus power bank and a connected device at the same time. This is probably the only major flaw with the device.


The 10000 mAh OnePlus Power Bank has a refreshingly new and unique design when it comes to the power bank segment and works well as a power bank but the slightly longer charging time and the missing pass-through charging are a deal breaker, hence not making it an ideal portable charger. Also at Rs. 1399, the power bank is slightly more expensive than its counterparts which start at just Rs. 999, however if you  want a great looking portable power bank, then this one is worth your money.