Phonebook Backup from Virgin Mobile

virgin-mobile-logo  Few days back I was going through the VMI website and got stuck at a piece of cake that they have launched but haven’t publisised so much. Let me introduce to you the Virgin Mobile Phonebook Backup application. I will be highlighting some of the features and fundas this application is able to deliver. The idea has been cropped in mind keeping the view that Virgin customers mostly constitute the youth generation who are always in the go, chances of misplacing their phone or damaging ones phone is high chance among the youth. What will happen when one fine day you find out your  phone going blank and you loose all your contacts?To be on the safe side this tiny application will help you store all the necessary contacts of your closest buddies on a secured server which can be accessed later to retrieve the data.With the Phone Backup application you can backup your contacts from your phone and then access them on this URL

Now comes the cons, this appliaction will cost Rs.49 which is a one time download fee and can be used for a year withouut any hassle of renewing the product. When you download the Phonebook Application, you can use your mobile number as your User ID and save a PIN number which will be your unique password. The service is available on the web too. You can set it on daily, weekly or manual update. When you switch phones or lose your phone, all you have to do is access your contacts on the URL with the same mobile number & PIN.

How to get this macho lifesaver application?

You can download the Phonebook Backup application in 3 super simple steps:

  • Go to the Games & Application section from the Phone Main menu
  • Click on Mobile Shop and go to Catalogue Manager
  • Click on the last link (the Phonebook Backup Application) and download it!

Tada!! That’s it. Now you don’t have to care about your contacts but do keep in mind to update the appliaction as soon as you add in some new contacts.