PlayStation games coming to Tegra-based, Android devices

Gamers rejoiced as Nvidia announced that they’ll be manufacturing a special chip for mobile
handsets and tablets that will bring true graphics experience to the portable world. The Nvidia Tegra is a mobile super chip which will bring extreme multitasking, the best mobile Web experience, hardware-accelerated Flash and console-quality gaming experience with an Nvidia GPU.
Nvidia now announced that they will be launching a Sony PlayStation Suite on Android devices equipped with the Nvidia Tegra technology. This means that the suite will enable android phones to provide a PlayStation experience. The only handset confirmed to pack all this hardware accelerated features and ability to support PlayStation games is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. There is also news about the Tegra 2 chips being able to support Playstation 2 games, however that is unconfirmed news.

It has been a very strategic move by Sony to enter the PlayStation platform in the mobile world as the number of mobile gamers is increasing at a fast pace. If they can manage to get their PlayStation 2 games running on Tegra 2 equipped devices, it will be a HEADSHOT !

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