Polarized lens in this iPhone 4S case helps in reducing reflections

Ever tried taking a picture but all you got was your own reflection on the glass holding the camera/phone? Well, it has certainly happened to me and I can tell you it’s a bigger spoiler than lighting for all your clicks. But, then how will evolved phones like iPhone deal with this problem? Here’s how.

iPhone cameras have steadily developed with every new version. Not many would remember this, but the iPhone started with just a 2-megapixel camera and then went on to a 5-megapixel one and finally to the 8-megapixel one in the iPhone 4S. As if rumors of Lytro technology weren’t enough, this case will make it look as if the iPhone was either inspired by DSLRs or abducted by aliens.

But how will it improve your photos? See, a polarizer filter reduces reflections from some surfaces by absorbing extra light that is reflected from shiny objects, thus helping in producing clearer shots. This case includes a polarizer filter, which when mounted atop an already awesome 8-megapixel camera, guarantees to add the edge to your photos. The price – $ 37.99, (Rs.1900), though is an entirely different thing.