Quirky Aros is a $300 Air conditioner syncs with your phone, saves electricity bill!

Going by the way everything is becoming smartphone compatible, your home might soon be a ‘smart home’. As if smart washing machines and watches were not enough, here’s something even more innovative – a smart Air Conditioner. Quirky Aros is a 8000 BTU air conditioner which will sync with your smartphone and update you on local electricity prices.


This air conditioner might just be the prettiest on we have ever  seen, but it has more than looks on offer. The Quirky Aros will come with Touch buttons instead of analog ones and holds the capability to cool a 350 square foot space.

But most importantly, it syncs with your phone using the Quirky Wink mobile app and tracks your location via GPS to turn off the fan when you are not around. It will also keep you updated about electricity prices and your usage so that you can keep tabs on the electricity bill. Check out this video of how it works:

Quirky has tied up with General Electronics (GE) to mass produce the Aros air conditioner.

The company is also working more such gadgets, which are currently under wraps. It sounds like an amazing concept and we hope it is up for sale soon.