Reliance Jio to lead 4G adoption in India says Rohm

Rohm is a Japan-based semiconductor company which plies its trade in India and offers digital power solutions to big OEMs like Nokia, Huawei. The company has said that India is fast improving its 4G growth rate chiefly due to efforts of Reliance Jio.



Rohm also plans to launch its digital power solutions for Smart Nations in India in August with a target of gaining 20% share by 2020. We know very well that Jio has 100 million subscribers at least in April in a period of just 6 months. The Japan-based company wishes to profit from the recent high 4G use in urban areas.

“Globally, 4G has already started quite early, but India has the fastest growth rate now due to service providers like Jio, which are driving usage by people towards 4G through some freebies,” said Daisuke Nakamura, managing director, Rohm Semiconductor India.

Nakamura said that broadband penetration is not as reliable in rural India due to its infrastructure needs while 4G has a much ready base. Rohm’s Indian Annual profits were just $8 million but the company is optimistic that it can reach $20 million on the back of Smart Nations projects within the upcoming years.

Outlining the company’s plan, Nakamura said, “The whole country can be digitally connected by using 4G, which is the India mission for a Smart Nation,”. Rohm plans to launch its digital solutions for traffic control and street lights in August this year.