Reliance Mobile (GSM) offers personalized call manager service

reliance-mobile-2-150x150  Reliance Mobile has introduced the call manager service on its GSM network on supporting handsets. This unique service enables Reliance mobile subscribers a wide range of call completion service. Offered through a server-less client protocol, the Call Manager service enables allows customers to respond to incoming calls with pre-recorded voice messages. The Call Manager also features SMS based chatting and voice mail on mobile.

It allows one to respond to answer phone calls without any need to talk or type, using an intuitive user interface.

The Voice Message feature enables caller to leave a message once a call is left unanswered.The recorded messages are deposited in the mobile phone’s Inbox folder, and can be played, forwarded, replied to or removed. The Voice Message feature can be activated either manually by selecting it from the ringing menu. Reliance allows use to customize its greeting message or the duration after which the voicemail automatically answers a call through the application’s settings.

Sometimes, when dialling a number, the call may ring without an answer. In such cases where the called party might not notice the call, or may not be able to answer at the moment, the application provides options like Call another number. This will offer you to dial the other available numbers of the same contact. This way, if someone is not available at work, you can try reaching them at home with just a click away. It also enables the caller to start chatting. The Chatting option allows user to start an instant messaging UI-like chat session and communicate conveniently using text messaging.

Reliance Mobile is offering the Call Manager service through a subscription module. It will not charge the user for downloading the application. Moreover, post the installation of the service, the customers can avail a free 7-day offer. The subscription for the service will be activated post the expiry of this free-trial period. Reliance Mobile will charge Rs 15/month as subscription fee.