How to remove apps and sites with access to your Google Account [PC/Mac]

Don’t you think you should remove apps from Google Account because you have given them access to your account and its data? The apps that you think are suspicious, the apps that you don’t trust or don’t use may have your data stored from your account when you sign-in using a Google account and it can be a privacy concern for many of you. In this guide, we will show you how you can remove apps’ access that you have previously logged in using your Google Account.


Third-party apps with account access may have sensitive information about your Google accounts such as your name, email address, and profile picture. Some apps may use Contacts as well as Calendar entries.

When you use your Google Account to sign in to these sites and apps, they can use this information and may store it for later use. Hence, it’s wise to remove apps from Google Account that you don’t use or don’t want your data to be shared with them as long as you are okay to share with them.

Google allows you to offer a faster way to sign in with your Google Account on supported third-party sites and apps. When you see the sign-in option using Google, you need to take a closer look and make sure that which type of permissions the app or the site wants from your Google account.

How to remove apps from Google Account that has access to your sensitive data

Follow these steps on your desktop computer to remove apps from Google Account that has access to your sensitive data.

  • Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser that you are using on your desktop or laptop.
  • Step 2: Go to or click here to visit the Security section of your Google Account.
  • Step 3: Under Third-party apps with account access, select Manage third-party access.


  • Step 4: Scroll down and choose the apps or sites you want to remove from your Google Account.



  • Step 5: Click Remove Access to remove apps from Google Account. Click OK when you see the popup as shown.



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This is how you can remove apps and sites with access to your Google Account PC or Mac. If you like this guide, do share it with your friends using the provided social media buttons. More such stuff can be found here – Android & iPhone tutorials and guides.

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