Reports claim that Nokia was developing Android powered Lumia devices

Despite Nokia’s dedication to the Windows Phone platform, it was everybody’s dream to see a Nokia handset powered by the Android OS. New reports suggest that the company had internally tried out the OS on its phones.


According to sources, Nokia engineers had developed Lumia phones powered by the Android OS just before the purchase by Microsoft. Interestingly, the company wasn’t just testing the Android powered Lumia devices but was planning on launching the handset in 2014. It is also said that Microsoft which ardently acquired Nokia recently was well aware of this scenario.

These new facts have raised a new pool of question which is led by, “Did Nokia want to abandon Windows Phone for Android in their Lumia device?” While it is said that Microsoft acquired Nokia to save it from going bankrupt, Nokia adopting the Android OS for its Lumia phones could have very well been devastating for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Was this the real reason that made Microsoft acquire Nokia when the company was exclusively using only the Windows Phone OS?