Rumour: HTC’s 5 inch phablet might end up as a Google Nexus phablet

Well, the world of mobile phones is too busy and rumours contribute to majority of the news doing the rounds.


And the latest one relates to the 5 inch HTC Phablet which we have seen getting leaked as Droid Incredible X or Dix or even HTC One X 5 and the rumour mills suggest that the 5 inch device could be the next Nexus flagship from Google.

Well GSMArena got tipped about this and we are definitely taking this with a large grain of salt as there is no way to confirm it as for now but it is quite interesting to hear such a rumour.
The tipster also said that the 5 inch Nexus phablet might arrive with a new version of Android OS, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with many bug fixes, extra lockscreen functions and Project Butter improvements. It is also logical to see Android 4.1.2 arrive on a new Nexus device because it has been the tradition.
The Google Nexus 5 or whatever that the device may be called is said to run on Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset and arrive with a 1080p display about which we have heard earlier too. A 12 MP is expected to be at the rear of the device and a 2 MP front facing for video chat.
Along with the sleek design the battery is said to be a powerful 2,500 mAh one and internal memory is pegged to be at 64 GB with LTE connectivity on arrival.
Interestingly just yesterday we also heard that Google may launch LG’s Optimus G as its next Nexus device called Optimus Nexus and today we are hearing this. Is that Google is planning to launch 5 Nexus devices with different manufacturers as we have heard long ago? Seems so.