Samsung demands new trial; Apple could claim more damages than earlier $1.05 billion

While Apple claimed that the ruling in the patent infringement case against Samsung would set it back by at least $85 million, the second trial could end up fetching Apple more than the original $1.05 billion award.


Samsung has apparently filed before the court asking for a new trial to ascertain whether the alleged 14 devices infringed on Apple patents in the first place. The new trial would give Apple a chance to seek even more damages than the previous $1.05 billion.

This filing from Samsung also seeks a partial final judgment on what has been decided so far, with the results stayed until a final ruling is made on Samsung’s appeal of the case. It is up to the courts to decide whether or not Samsung will get a whole new trial to determine if the 14 devices infringed on Apple’s patents or whether the jury will just decide the damages again.