Samsung battery pack with 6000 mAh capacity and faux leather and stitch finish listed for Rs. 3599

Given the rich feel of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung seems to have taken a shine for faux leather and stitch finish for its devices as we just spotted a battery pack with the finish.


Samsung has listed its own branded external battery pack with model number EB-PG900B on the online Samsung eStore in India. Surprisingly, it has a faux leather and stitch finish, which makes it look more like a device than just a battery pack. The battery has an amazing 6000 mAh capacity which should be sufficient to fully charge most of the Samsung handset twice on a single charge.

Besides the faux leather and stitch finish, the battery pack has a retracting microUSB cable and a LED indicator to display the status. The battery pack is available for purchase for Rs. 3599. We can expect Samsung to add a designer touch to more of its accessories very soon.