Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes; burns down apartment

Off late, the incidents of Samsung S series phones exploding have been numerous. It seems that these phones even after the extravagant price  you pay for them,  might be a hazard  to your health and safety. Every time such an incident happened  in thee past, Samsung put the blame on third party chargers batteries and accessories. But this time, the victim of  this incident has flatly denied he was using any third party products with his Samsung Galaxy S4. He also  insists that the phone wasn’t even charging when it exploded. If what he claims is true, it is time that Samsung came up with some answers in the defense of its phones and stopped blaming other factors for its own fault.


The poor guy just lost his apartment along with all his possessions. While this could be assumed as the guy, Du’s own fault and a wild cover-up, but it is not an isolated incident. Many Samsung  S4 phones have been exploding off late and if you add two and  two together, it just seems that Samsung is using low quality components even in its expensive phones. How  this guy narrates the incident is this – his battery exploded into flames and he just happened to chuck it at the couch, which just made things worse and worse. Hong Kong newspaper Xianguo reported this incident.

In fact, haven’t brands like Toyota recalled many  of their products in face of safety concerns? It doesn’t even need to be that Samsung exchanges the phones for new or refund the amount paid for them. It just needs to find a fast solution to this problem.