Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature fingerprint scanner

While the Apple iPhone drew a lot of attention to the fingerprint sensor embedded in its Home button, Samsung also seems to have similar plans for its upcoming flagship, which according to rumours is soon approaching.


According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would feature a fingerprint scanner. It is alleged that the company has purchased Fingerprint Cards, a company dealing with fingerprint sensors. Sources also believe that Samsung would launch at least two smartphones in 2014 with the fingerprint sensor, our best guess – the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4.

Meanwhile, Fingerprint Cards has just announced a range of touch fingerprint sensors for Android phones and tablets as well as Windows Phone. The company has already signed deals to provide the cheaper swipe technology to companies like Fujitsu, Pantech and Konka. Not just that the company now aims to be selected as one of the sensor suppliers for Samsung in 2014.