Samsung got the patent for a dual-screen tablet

We know how much Samsung loves to release its tablets in almost every form factor that is known to us and now it seems that as they are really out of design ideas, they are going the Sony-way.


According to a new patent which has been discovered, Samsung has been granted a patent for a dual-screen tablet. The form factor is very much similar to the already existing Sony Tablet P, which is an Android OS running dual-screen tablet.

The Patent No. D658,173 was filed back on April 7 2011 with Kim Dong-Hun named as the inventor. The design is much like two 7 inch Galaxy tabs together in a clam-shell like design and a wireless controller as you can see in the image above. 
The remote is probably Bluetooth based and if the tablet is being targeted towards business oriented people, could come handy during presentations. If you ask us why Sammy is planning a two screen tablets, then we would say that the company could use one screen as a virtual keyboard and the other for a word processing app. 


Though Sony has not been that successful with its dual-screen Sony Tablet P but hey it is indeed a nicely design and finished tablet. Now that Samsung is betting all its reserves on the same design, we’ll have to see how much they succeed in their endeavour.