Samsung Omnia W: Hands-On [Pictures]

Samsung had announced the Omnia W, a probable upgrade of the Omnia 7 in October and finally launched the device in December with the new Windows Phone Mango update.


While the handset doesn’t have any high-end specs, the Super AMOLED display and the moderate price segment make it a good buy. We got our hands on the device and here are some hands-on pictures of the smartphone in action.

The whole body is plastic, as you would expect from Samsung. Though, it doesn’t feel all that bad in the hand.


As you can see the display is pretty sharp and bright and the colours seem to be just perfectly vivid.

A review of the smartphone is on its way; do keep a lookout for that. Also check out some pictures of a comparison of the Omnia W we did with the Galaxy S II and the Nokia 701.