Samsung slowing down Tizen OS project

While we had statements about Samsung killing off the Tizen OS project followed by counter statements claiming that the project was running smoothly, Samsung seems to be in no hurry to complete the project.


According to sources in the industry, Samsung is slowing down the development of the Tizen OS project as it could benefit its Android competitors by releasing a Tizen device. While the first Tizen devices were expected to be launched by August 1, now we can only hope to see one by the end of the year.

The Tizen OS project is targeted towards Google and points that the market success of the popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II was dependent on the manufacturer rather than the Android OS. However considering the huge market share that Google’s Android OS currently has, Samsung switching to Tizen may just end up helping Google’s wholly owned Motorola subsidiary to reach the top ranks.