Samsung to officially announce Tizen OS at its Developer’s Conference in October

With reports claiming that the Samsung Tizen project is dead, but the company has shown its dedication to its own OS.


According to reports from Tizen Indonesia, Samsung would officially launch the Tizen OS at the first Samsung Developer’s Conference which is scheduled to be held on October 26 – 27. The conference would, in fact, focus mainly on the new platform with a number of sessions that would emphasize on helping developers and partners understand Tizen and Samsung’s vision for it. A Tizen OS phone is also expected to be seen at the conference.

The Tizen OS project is targeted towards Google and points that the market success of the popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II was dependent on the manufacturer rather than the Android OS. However considering the huge market share that Google’s Android OS currently has, it would be interesting to find out whether Samsung would manage to create the identity of Tizen, in the markets completely dominated by Android.